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FLANDERS celebrates electrifying heavy industry for the last 75 years

Wednesday, October 19th, 2022

FLANDERS, a global provider of engineered solutions for the mining, mills, oil and gas, power generation, utilities, and energy markets, is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2022/23 with activities highlighting the company’s history and plans for the future.

FLANDERS is proud of its 75-year history of engineered solutions and innovation.

Beginning in 1947 as a small motor repair workshop, the company has grown into a global leader, specialising in the distribution, service, repair, design, and manufacturing of electric rotating machines.

It boasts products and services like AI-powered-condition-based monitoring, custom controls, systems integration, and automation for the industry’s largest and most demanding applications – the company has come a long way over the years.

Frank Flanders started the company in May 1947 in Evansville, Indiana, and in 1962, Roy Patterson and Bud Havens purchased Flanders Electric Motor Service Inc. The Patterson family held sole ownership until recently, with family members, including grandfather, father, mother, and sons, holding key leadership roles throughout the decades.

Center Rock Capital Partners purchased the company in March 2021. The acquisition forms part of a broader initiative to serve heavy industry and mining with electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic services – focused on a “whole of service” offering to our clients, helping them lower their operating costs.

Despite its humble beginnings, FLANDERS has grown into an international organisation with 15+ locations worldwide, supporting over 10,000 customers, and employing hundreds of people worldwide in a family-oriented environment.

“I am very proud of what we’ve accomplished throughout the Company’s 75-year history. It takes a great team of employees and partners to get us where we are today. From our legacy products to new engineered solutions, we’ve learned from and evolved with the needs of our global customers,” FLANDERS chief executive officer John Oliver said.

” As we look to the next 75 years, we are committed to developing innovative products and solutions to meet our customers’ unique challenges.”

Today FLANDERS has multiple business streams, including autonomous solutions, control and power systems, distribution, motor manufacture, and repair and services.

Each business stream capitalises on solid engineering expertise to help customers solve unique challenges. The company is investing in green power solutions to protect the environment and solutions that help reduce the cost of operation in heavy industry.

The company has its headquarters in Evansville, Indiana, holds more than 1 million square feet of repair, office, and inventory space, and continues to serve to be considered a trusted partner.

“Built into the FLANDERS ethos is our customer service mindset, we understand that our customers are focused on safety, quality, reliability and productivity and at FLANDERS as we use that lens to engineer solutions and services that puts the customer’s needs at the forefront and going a step further to think above and beyond what can be done to improve the customer experience,” Oliver said.

FLANDERS is dedicated to investing in its diverse employee base and innovative technologies, focusing on green power management solutions for another 75 years.

As part of its celebration, FLANDERS released a milestone-style video to reflect on key achievements over the years and host employee events at each location worldwide.

In appreciation, employees will be given 75th-anniversary tokens as keepsakes.

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