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GroundProbe Launches BlastVision®- A World- First in Blast Analytics

Friday, October 21st, 2022

GroundProbe has launched BlastVision®, a world-first solution that delivers actionable blast performance insights for optimal safety and productivity.
The crucial data aids in the detection of potential misfires and out-of-sequence firing and in identifying and tracking flyrock. Intra-blast monitoring also adds valuable wall control insights, such as monitoring and mapping instantaneous blast damage to slopes and identifying movement on significant structures.
GroundProbe is a member of the Orica Group, the world’s leading mining and blasting solutions provider, while GroundProbe specialises in geotechnical monitoring.
GroundProbe’s Chief Executive Officer, David Noon, said that GroundProbe leveraged this partnership to gain information around current blast monitoring methods through interviews with engineers.
“Through talking to mine site engineers responsible for blasting on the ground, we identified that many sites were still using quite simple and sometimes unsafe methods for blast analysis.
“Techniques included recording blasts with ground-based camera systems and conducting visual inspections of this footage to determine areas of concern.
“From this, the idea of using drone footage and automated algorithms to quickly identify key areas of interest was born.”
BlastVision® takes custom high-speed drone footage of a blast as it happens. Using world-first advanced proprietary algorithms and modern AI frameworks, BlastVision® converts the footage into analytics data. Data is remotely analysed in our custom software platform, with insights swiftly reported back to the site. From these insights, mine site personnel can optimise blasting and monitor the impacts of blasting, improving both safety and productivity.
GroundProbe’s VP – Technology, Fernanda Carrea, said that no other solution provides the range of insights from the whole blast area that BlastVision® provides, from start to finish.
“BlastVision® provides an increased level of safety, efficiency, accuracy and productivity through our software algorithm automatically identifying key areas and issues.
“Data is also able to be captured before, during and after a blast, and covers the blast area in its entirety.
“We can proudly say that this patent-pending technology is a world first.”
BlastVision® has been tested, trialled or demonstrated across over 60 mine sites around the globe. As a result, BlastVision® has positively impacted hundreds of drill and blast team members across these mine sites.

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