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Epiroc goes Smart and Green

Thursday, November 3rd, 2022

Epiroc has ramped up deliveries of its battery-electric vehicles, reporting strong results on productivity, CO2 reduction and customer satisfaction.

The company’s Smart and Green series is the next step in highlighting the benefits of zero-emission technology and automation.

Epiroc has ramped up deliveries of its battery-electric vehicles. The company has reported strong results on productivity, CO2 reduction and customer satisfaction, with vice president sales and marketing at the underground division Sarah Hoffman saying Epiroc is committed to providing green technology.

“Mining is an essential part of modern society and crucial in the shift to fossil-free energy sources,” she said.

“We want to provide the equipment to mine the required metals and minerals in the most sustainable way possible.”

Epiroc has a large battery-electric range, including drill rigstrucks and loaders, which range will now be rebranded to the Smart and Green series, broadening the fleet to potentially include other zero-emission technology in the near future.

“Our ambition is to produce the world’s greenest machines, all the way from cell level to recycling of the batteries,” Hoffman said.

“And with smart functionality added, we can help improve safety, productivity and machine availability even further.”

Epiroc will also introduce its Smart series for its diesel-powered range, preparing the machines for additional functionality.

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