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Tradelink Publications was established in 1984 with the acquisition of the Colliery Guardian, which later became Coal International magazine. Expanded rapidly, Tradelink Publications now publishes the bi-monthly Mining & Quarry World and Coal International. Coal International is also printed in the Russian, Polish and Chinese languages throughout the year, corresponding with the major exhibitions taking place.

Print, Online and Digital

Both Coal International and Mining & Quarry World’s worldwide print circulation is focused on the key decision makers involved in the purchase of equipment and services. We aim to give maximum exposure to our valuable advertisers to the key personnel involved in the buying cycle.

We have, and always will, be journals supporting equipment manufacturers and service companies within the mining industry, delivering to a targeted audience that supports your valuable employees on the ground worldwide who visit and sell equipment to mines.

Our customers know this and have remained loyal for many years. We believe integrity is at the core of who we are. It establishes the trust that is critical to the relationships we have with our clients. Best value is our strength in building and sustaining relationships. Our services in print, online and digital applications reach over 112,000 senior decision makers worldwide, giving maximum exposure to the market for all our customers.

Quality vs Quantity

When advertising agencies analyse circulation figures, they seldom consider quality (as opposed to quantity). From our point of view, the important issue is the size and the specific targeting of the audience. The most imaginatively and executed media marketing campaign does not equate to an efficient one, unless the intended audience is properly targeted.


Tradelink update and maintain daily over 14,000 mining companies and their operations on our database containing details of:

Head office:

CEO’s, Technical Directors, Procurement Departments and CFO’s

Mine site:

Mine Manager, Electrical/Mechanical Engineers and Health/Safety officers

Based on the above personnel, we have the facility to reach over 112,000 senior decision makers in both print and digital.

BPA audited

2016 will see a return to BPA audits for our journals in both print and digital derived from our database. We believe that this major investment will enhance the confidence of our valued advertisers for the foreseeable future.

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Other services

Editorial Services

Tradelink offer clients editorial support for assistance with newsworthy stories, press releases, product launches and general campaign advice. Please email all press releases to for possible publication on which currently has over 12,000 visitors per month. Via LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook we reach an audience of 112,000.

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