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Time rosters to combat FIFO suicide
28 Nov 2014
The chairman of a WA parliamentary inquiry into the effects of FIFO on mental health has said that “equal time” could be the optimum
Sarama Inks deal with Acacia Mining for African project
28 Nov 2014
Sarama Resources advanced its exploration aims for its South Houndé Project located in Burkina Faso in West Africa, when the company
Chilean mining industry to double power consumption over next decade
28 Nov 2014
Chile's mining industry, which has a large number of projects in the pipeline, will nearly double its electricity consumption between now and

Gender gap in mining pay
28 Nov 2014
The research from the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy surveyed about 3,000 workers nationally. Chief executive Michael Catchpole
Private equity trawls for distressed mining assets, Australia
28 Nov 2014
Private funds are trawling for bargains in Australia in the aftermath of a global mining boom, looking to strip the fat at companies and projects
Major miners start divesting coal assets, Singapore
28 Nov 2014
Nathan Tinkler, the former mining magnate who lost his fortune because of a slump in coalprices, expects global mining companies such as BHP
Mining jobs still popular in Turkey's most dangerous mines
27 Nov 2014
Despite poor safety conditions and deadly accidents, Turkey's notorious coal mines maintain their popularity as workplaces. A huge demand for a
XSP Platinum Inc. in criminal indictment for Clean Water Act charges, Alaska
27 Nov 2014
In a first for extraction-friendly Alaska, the Department of Justice last week announced an indictment against mining company XS Platinum, Inc.
Supplier chains to help mining companies in shouldering risk
27 Nov 2014
Mining companies, compelled to cut yet more costs as metal prices fall, are ratcheting up pressure on suppliers of everything from diggers to
Other sectors step up to fill gap in mining investment, Australia
27 Nov 2014
Australia's recovery from a mining investment slowdown is on track as other sectors of the economy step in to fill the breach. Business
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