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Putting on the brakes
22 Sep 2014
A heavily laden conveyor can have an enormous amount of potential energy, so has to be treated with the utmost respect if accidents are to be
Santacruz Silver announces silver prepay agreement
22 Sep 2014
Santacruz Silver Mining Ltd. has announced that it has entered into a US$28.4 million Pre-paid Silver Purchase Agreement with JMET, LLC to sell
Mooiplaats sold
22 Sep 2014
Coal of Africa Limited has announced that it has signed a Sale and Purchase Agreement with a wholly owned subsidiary of Blackspear Holdings

Mining union in 4m loan to Hatfield Colliery
22 Sep 2014
The National Union of Mineworkers has stepped in to save the UK's last viable deep pit coal mine by investing £4m in the employee-owned
Church joins escalating mining fight in Flores
22 Sep 2014
According to the Vatican radio, as company encroaches on communal land, priests have stepped in to help indigenous villagers in Indonesia Priests
Green light for Whitehaven
22 Sep 2014
Approval for Whitehaven’s Vickery coal project in the Gunnedah region comes at a time when the company is ramping up operations at the
New development from Haver Australia
22 Sep 2014
The demand for high-capacity machines with a greater screening surface has led to Haver & Tyler developing technology to overcome the
Connemara Mining Company
19 Sep 2014
Connemara has continued to examine, select and apply for exploration acreage in Ireland. Connemara does very well with limited resources, two
Global diamond demand reaches record levels
19 Sep 2014
According to a recent report from Diamond insight published by the De Beers Group global demand for diamond jewellery reached a record high of
The Met Coal Market in 2014: conditions to improve, says Joe Aldina
19 Sep 2014
At the 2014 Coal Association of Canada Conference and Trade Show, held in Vancouver from September 10 to 12, several analysts shared their views
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