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Blaklader launch new corporate website
19 Dec 2014
Swedish workwear manufacturer, Blåkläder, has announced the launch of its brand new, updated and improved corporate website, allowing
Knauf Gips KG pioneer Allison two-axle automatic transmissions
19 Dec 2014
Heavy loads, narrow curves, rugged routes, constant starting and stopping – Knauf Gips KG recognized that towing tractors with manual
Wilden launch advanced stainless steel AODD pumps
19 Dec 2014
Wilden, part of PSG, a Dover Company and a worldwide leader in air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump technology, is pleased to announce the

LNG terminal in Finland helps SSAB phase out oil-based fuels
19 Dec 2014
Manga LNG Oy are building a Natural Liquified Gas terminal in Tornio, Finland. The terminal will serve gas users in the area including SSAB's site
W.S Tyler's new fast-track PET team
19 Dec 2014
W.S. Tyler, the screening solutions company for the mining and industrial mineral industries, placed six of its most experienced employees into a
Rugged Bolt-On USB for the Catís new 797F Autonomous Truck
19 Dec 2014
Mountain Secure Systems (MSS), a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries (PSI), and a leading supplier of rugged electronic solutions, has been
Barrick Gold Corp. suspend Zambian operation due to 20% tax
19 Dec 2014
Barrick Gold Corporation have been forced to transition its Lumwana copper mine into care and maintenance following an increase in royalties on
Peruvian Farm worker wins case against Newmont Mining Corp.
18 Dec 2014
Newmont Mining Corporation have lost a legal battle against Peruvian farm worker Maxima Acuña. The company sued Maxima for alleged land
BMT WBM and the University of Queensland honour Dr Russ Morrison
18 Dec 2014
An innovator, entrepreneur, mentor, leader and exceptional engineer, Dr Russ Morrison’s association with The University of Queensland spans
Financial lenders ease the pressure in India
18 Dec 2014
The State Bank of India has proposed 30 per cent waiver on principle loan amount to the truck owners and 40 per cent to the barge owners in a One
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