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ABEL Pumps lands major order for membrane piston pumps

Thursday, January 30th, 2020


In December 2019, the pump company ABEL landed a major order of three “HMQ” membrane piston pumps (HMQ abbr. for Hydraulic Membrane Quadruplex Pump) to supply one of the largest silver mines in Latin America.

On site, these pumps are used to transport mine water, which is pumped from a shaft at a depth of 700 m at approx. 80 bar to the surface into a reservoir.

The HMQs are quadruplex-acting piston diaphragm pumps and manage high flow rates up to 450 m³/h. They are primarily made for applications like transfer of tailings, mine dewatering and backfilling in mines.

In addition to mining, ABEL’s HMQs are also frequently used in the wastewater industry to transport sludge or feed filter presses.

ABEL’s HMQ pumps have proven their worth worldwide.

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