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Foto: Depositphotos, AntonMatyukha

Canada-based explorer company Medgold Resources has now confirmed those results, so it is now certain that there is gold in the area close to the border with Bulgaria and North Macedonia, “Novosti” reports.

They have found about seven million tons of ore at just one site, within the Tlamino project, with about 680,000 ounces, or 19.3 tons of gold, worth just over $1 billion, while exploration continues in that area.

As has been established, the gold content at the site is on average about three grams per ton. For example, deposits with a gram of gold per ton, if accompanied by appropriate quantities of ore, are considered profitable.

Namely, as this Canadian company intends to expand its activities to other parts of Serbia within the same project, Medgold Resources also found an ore layer of about 40 meters containing 8.32 grams of gold per ton, and an almost incredible 193 grams per ton of silver.