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HARTING Han Ex product portfolio offers complete connector systems consisting of housings and inserts which are ideal for explosive hazardous areas.

It is designed to meet the intrinsic safety requirements for ignition protection in explosion-hazard areas zoned 1 and 2.

In intrinsically safe circuits, a limit is set to energy so that even a spark would not ignite an explosive environment.

With the Han Ex series, HARTING offers a comprehensive and well-matched connection systems consisting of hoods/housings, inserts and cable glands.

Hoods and housings are made from an alloy that can safely be used in a methane-coal dust environments and gas atmospheres.

Han Ex hoods and housings offer protection IP65 (in mated position). The hood’s/housing’s blue colour is a visual coding for intrinsically safe electrical circuits.

The termination technology used in the Han Ex is based on HARTING’s patented Han-Quick Lock technology. This allows time-saving and easy assembly without special tools, and provides a reliable and vibration-proof contact for maximum safety.

HARTING’s proven crimp technology can also be selected as the termination method, allowing the connection of wires with cross-sections from 0.14 up to 2.5 square millimetres.

In addition, the inserts compatible with Han Ex allow for high-density contact arrangements, meeting the standards of the category intrinsically safe even in the tightest of spaces.

Han Ex connectors are designed especially for the named explosion protection method. The intrinsic safety protection technique is based on the limitation of energy supply, thus ensuring a safe operation of electrical equipment in hazardous areas.

The limitations may relate to current, voltage, capacitivity and/or inductivity. Finally, a Han Ex connector is always part of a comprehensive supply system for devices in the field, including current transfers between Ex and Non-ex areas.

The connectors are approved according to the follows standards:
• IEC 60 079-0: Explosive atmospheres: Equipment – General requirements
• IEC 60 079-11: Explosive atmospheres: Equipment protection by intrinsic safety “i”
• IEC 60 079-14: Explosive atmospheres: Electrical installations design, selection and erection

Customer benefits:
• HARTING is the first company which offers “Ex i” connectors in the compact size 3A
• Approved according to “Ex i” standards
• The Quick-Lock termination of Han Ex inserts offers fast, simple and reliable assembly
• Compact connectors with high contact density
• Cost reduction for the customer regarding space and assembly