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DTEK Energo company decided to suspend the work of Pavlohradvuhillya enterprise and the ore-processing plants due to the deteriorating situation in Ukraine’s energy sector. The company’s press service reported that on April 14.

DTEK specified that the work of ten coal mines and three ore-processing plants (Pavlohradska, Dobropolska, and Kurakhivska) will be suspended. Pervomaisky repairs plant and DTEK Science and Production Center are about to halt their work on April 20. All employees were provided with paid vacations, which is foreseen by the collective agreement.

“Systematic crisis in Ukraine’s power branch, which has been lasting since last year, led to a disbalance in Ukraine’s energy system. Manual regulation of the market, unplanned decisions, the absence of coordination of the work of the branch completely destabilize the work of all coal enterprises. Due to the uncontrolled import of electric power from Russia and Belarus, the demand for domestic electricity dropped – and, as a consequence, so did the volume of consumed coal on stations”, DTEK said.

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The company specified that currently, there are almost three million tons of coal kept in the storage of thermal power plants and mines. At the same time, some 30 coal mines have suspended their work all over the country. That resulted in job loss for almost 40,000 people.