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Track’em’s materials tracking platform has driven growth in the company despite a focus on guarding budgets during COVID-19.

The number of active users on Track’em’s platforms — which host cloud-based software that tracks assets, materials and time — has grown by 62 per cent since the beginning of 2020.

This followed a rise of 667 per cent in the number of transactions running through the software last year.

The growth was further solidified by the uptake of the latest release of Track’em materials tracking platform.

“2020 has taken a turn that none of us expected,” Track’em founder and chief executive Kashif Saleem said.

“With the COVID-19 outbreak, industries and countries have been turned upside down and pulled out of their normal routines.

“(However) we have just released a new version of our materials tracking solution and our pipeline is looking healthy, with many new contracts already signed this year.”

Track’em global vice president of sales said the company’s focus had always been on making sure companies could manage and track enterprise resources effectively.

“In this dynamic time, this is more crucial than ever,” he said.

“The current uncertainty urges companies to optimise processes and have a real-time understanding of the status of project resources such as materials, assets and people.

“Clients are looking for smarter and flexible ways to operate, and our solutions play right into this.”

Track’em has tracked over 10 million items in engineering and construction projects across the world’s largest mining and oil and gas industries.