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A picture paints a thousand words and new charting technology available in the latest release of MICROMINE’s award-winning software suite, takes visual data display to the next level.

The enhanced charting functions in Micromine’s newly-released 2020.5 upgrade, can turn raw mining and exploration results into meaningful 3D models giving engineers, designers and planers a picture-perfect view.

The market leading software has long been a favourite in the exploration sector and is rapidly becoming the tool of choice for large-scale mine operators looking to optimise production and profitability.

The trend is largely a result of the sleek and intuitive performance of Micromine’s visualisation tools, including the enhanced charting features which are highly customisable to suit project communication and reporting requirements.

Micromine’s technical product manager Frank Bilki said, “We’ve made nearly 20 changes to our charts, with more features, better annotations, and better support for multivariate data, which are bound to keep Chart users happy.

“The enhanced usability is essential for more robust mine design. It also speeds up the process which means productivity gains and big time savings for engineers and designers when it comes to modelling different options and scenarios.”

There are more than 100 updates and enhancements in the new Micromine bundle, including numerous changes to its charting tools, such as better visualisation, key fields, and improved annotations.

The Chart Presentation Framework allows users to display multiple chart types on a single canvas and to gain valuable visual snapshots of geology.

There are also many improvements to Gantt Charts and reports linked with the software’s advanced scheduling capabilities.

On the operational front, one of the software’s newest innovations is the ability to convert laser scans (point clouds) of underground workings into wireframes.

The visual representation simplifies and accelerates the process of creating and implementing advanced ring designs, while enabling users to adapt and customise their views.

Micromine’s mine planning and design solution is an integrated suite of cutting-edge technology tools which streamline the process of creating, optimising and evaluating scenarios throughout the life of a mine.

It harnesses the real value of geological, exploration and operational data, with sophisticated interpretation and analytics, to produce precision mine designs and schedules.

The market-leading software is in use by operators in more than 90 countries, who rely on it to maximise the optimisation and profitability of a mine.