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The Iron Bridge operation. Image: Fortescue Metals Group

Fortescue Metals Group has awarded PROK a major contract to design and construct conveyor pulleys at the Iron Bridge magnetite project near Port Hedland, Western Australia.

An estimated 170 complete pulleys will be built from the ground up and installed in 25 conveyors at the Iron Bridge project.

PROK’s expertise in conveyor equipment has seen the company manage mining conveyor systems across the globe, with general manager Wade Guelfi saying the contract from Fortescue acknowledges PROK’s technical prowess.

“As a recognised leader in large engineered pulleys, we were a perfect fit for this type of project,” he said.

“Our advanced in-house engineering team worked closely with the client to design a pulley solution that meets all project requirements.

“We are excited to be part of this project and proud to be supporting Fortescue with heavy duty engineered pulleys manufactured right here in Western Australia. We look forward to working closely with Fortescue as the project progresses.”

PROK has delivered over 50 years of conveyor equipment manufacturing and supply to the industry, construction two million rollers and 3000 pulleys each year.

Fortescue will receive the pulleys, which have between a 500 millimetre to 1200 millimetre diameter, from January 2021.

The conveyors will be produced in PROK’s Bayswater production facility in Perth, Western Australia.