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Epiroc’s trio of second generation battery electric machines are gathering interest.Epiroc has signed a batteries as a service (BaaS) agreement with Vale to safely install battery plans in two of its mining operations.

Through BaaS, Epiroc monitors the batteries it installs to a mining operation to deliver predictive maintenance and reduced downtime.

Working alongside customers to provide a suitable battery plan, Epiroc uninstalls old batteries at the site and uses them for secondary applications, recycling the batteries at the end of the process.

Brazilian mining company Vale is one of many companies in the industry aiming for sustainable production and zero emissions.

“A key component to the success of this offering is the flexibility it allows our customers. We take ownership of the battery itself and automatically replace and update the units as needed, which means the mine site can breathe easier and continue to focus on heightened production,” Epiroc Rocvolt Canada product manager Shawn Samuels said.

Epiroc’s BaaS agreement with Vale is the first of its kind in the world.

“Batteries as a Service helps our customers benefit from the latest battery technology without having to worry about facilitating upgrades and removals – they can focus on their business and we make sure they have all the power they need,” Epiroc head of marketing–Rocvolt products and services Fredrik Martinsson said.

Vale will also be provided with 10 of Epiroc’s battery electric vehicles for two of its Canadian mine sites, including four Scooptram ST14 loaders, two Boomer M2C drill rigs, two Boletc MC bolting rigs and two Minetruck MT42 trucks.

To power the battery fleet, Vale will also have three Eprioc charging cabinets and seven charging posts installed.

“We value and look forward to continuing our successful partnership with Vale as we move towards a zero emissions future in mining together. We both recognise the positive impact a successful battery service implementation can have on operations, so our mutual confidence in one another is well placed,” Epiroc Canada general manager Jason Smith said.

Vale will receive the Epiroc battery equipment through the course of 2020 and into the first quarter of 2021.