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Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Minister of Energy N.Tavinbekh checked on site the winter preparations of Baganuur and Shivee-Ovoo JSCs.

Baganuur coal mine that alone satisfies 60 percent of domestic coal demand and 70 percent of domestic thermal coal demand is in its 40th consecutive year of operation. The mine revised its reserve estimates through a feasibility study conducted under the Mining Infrastructure Investment Support project of the World Bank that established the possibility of extracting 8-10 tons of coal per year over 60 years.

Technology and equipment upgrades are underway with a USD 12.3 million loan from a Japanese society. The mine’s drainage station and 100kV substation have been successfully transferred and upgrades are 70 percent complete with MNT 5.5 billion spent so far.

Baganuur JSC CEO E.Nominchuluun reported that 36 percent of MNT 35.3 billion worth of 50 tasks planned for winter preparations has been completed. Minister N.Tavinbekh ordered the company to complete winter preparations on time, operate economically, be transparent, reduce excess coal production, and enhance workplace accountability.

Shivee-Ovoo brown coal mine that satisfies 28.5 percent of domestic coal demand is in its 30th year of operation on a 4,290 ha area in Shine-Us coalfield.

10-14 heavy duty vehicles are in operation at the mine, however, the lack of such equipment has been causing difficulties in earthwork operations.

The company with its own funds has made equipment upgrades totaling MNT 29 billion. Shivee-Ovoo JSC CEO Ts.Enkhtuvshin said the mine’s winter preparations are currently 60 percent complete and will be fully completed as scheduled.

The Energy Minister instructed the company to complete the preparations on time, prevent occupational accidents, and operate with COVID-19 safety measures in place.