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Mongolia planned to export 40 million tons of coal this year, but around 13 million tons of coal were exported due to COVID-19 pandemic.

According to an information provided by the Cabinet Secretariat of the Mongolian government, the coal exports from Mongolia have been growing, beginning from this month, and the number of coal transportation trucks has been increasing. The daily volume of coal transportation freight trucks to cross the border checkpoints to China was usually around 1,800 lately. However, in the recent several days, the number has exceeded 2,000.

In particular, on August 25, a total of 2,001 heavy duty trucks for coal transportation moved through Gashuunsukhait, Shiveekhuren, Yarant, Khangi border crossing points to China, which shows that the daily volume of coal trucks has returned to the pre-COVID-19 level.

As informed by the Cabinet Secretariat, the growth of coal exports to China is thanks to the Mongolian and Chinese governments’ joint implementation of the ‘Green Gateway’ temporary regulation at border crossing points.

To prevent from the spread of COVID-19, sterilization, and disinfection measures are being conducted for all trucks transporting coal and other minerals before they enter the country across border checkpoints and heavy-duty trucks conducting exports and imports transportation are being escorted under police surveillance to clearance terminals.