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Keech Australia has shipped its next generation cast lip, the first to be released under the Keech KOBRA brand.

Keech business development manager for open cut mining, Peter Hampson, said the KOBRA 660 cast lip was off to one of the Hunter Valley’s major coal mines for use on a 350 t class excavator.

“This is a milestone for Keech, and for our customers. Obviously we’ve been manufacturing OEM cast lips for a long time, but this is our first under the Keech KOBRA brand. It has been more than 24 months in development, and benefits from all our experience with previous generations of lips, and of course feedback from users,” Hampson said.

He said the KOBRA cast lips represented a step change for the company, and one that customers were keen to embrace.

“KOBRA is a showcase for our advanced manufacturing capabilities and the R&D Keech has engaged in over the last few years. This lip is a one piece casting using our own proprietary steel that improves stress distribution across the lip. It’s lighter and stronger than comparable competitor product. The streamlined profile means our client is really going to benefit from more efficient machine operation and greater bucket filling rates,” Hampson said.

According to Hampson, the KOBRA cast lip system used Keech’s patented KEELOCK retention system that allowed for faster changeouts with less downtime.

“This six-station lip will be fitted with the full suite of KOBRA ground engaging tools (GET) that gives better coverage across the lip, an improved casting design that protects the shrouds from backblading, and allows for smoother bucket operation and reduced total cost of ownership,” he concluded.