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Russia-based Siberian Coal Energy (SUEK) has purchased five new Scania (Sweden) trucks for its Apsatskiy open-pit mine.

The new trucks have a load capacity of up to 35t and will be used for coal transportation.

The fuel-efficient vehicles feature all the equipment required, including tools and devices for maintenance and repair to ensure the safety of the driver.

Apsatskiy open-pit mine chief engineer Dmitriy Dulin said: “Scania G-440 trucks are modern machines. They, for example, have powerful engines and enhanced driving performance.

“They have powerful engines and enhanced driving performance.”

“It is particularly important for us that the equipment complies with the environmental standards and can operate in conditions of the far north, at temperatures up to -50°C.”

SUEK is also set to receive nine Volvo dump trucks soon and expects to put into operation a crushing and screening plant that will allow them to receive the products in specified sizes.

Two more BelAZ-75131 dump trucks are expected to arrive in December this year.

SUEK said that Apsat coal is used in the metallurgical and chemical industry and is in demand in Russia as well as in China, South Korea and Japan.

The company plans to invest more than RUB20bn ($314m) in its development.