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An example ConSite Mine dashboard. Image: Hitachi.

Hitachi and Wenco International Mining Systems have developed ConSite Mine, which remotely monitors mining machines on a 24/7 basis using IoT and AI-based analysis.

The technology allows Hitachi’s customers to predict costly maintenance issues, like structural cracks on excavator booms or arms, using machine learning and applied analysis technologies.

ConSite Mine can also predict and detect hydraulic pump failures, sensing signs that signal an issue. The information is then sent as a predictive alert to operators on the ConSite dashboard so they are able to react accordingly and plan maintenance for minimal downtime.

“ConSite will enable the maintenance professionals and Hitachi dealers to monitor equipment health in real time and anticipate issues before they occur,” Hitachi said of ConSite Mine.

“The service technician supporting the customer can analyse asset health information in real time using the online dashboard.

“The technician can pre-order parts and schedule planned maintenance, avoiding costs and delays on unplanned downtime from failed equipment.”

ConSite Mine can also improve overall productivity and safety by monitoring conditions such as operator behaviour, equipment location and speed and fuel consumption, improving productivity and safety.

By collecting data, ConSite identifies unsafe or inefficient operations such as hard braking, free spinning of tyres, over-speeding and running over bumpy haul roads and displays where these incidents occurred, so companies can identify and educate drivers to reduce the risk of accidents.

Wenco, which is a subsidiary of Hitachi, provides the IoT digital platform and software technology which is displayed on each customer’s dashboard, while Hitachi leverages its data analysis, information processing and applied analysis technology knowledge for the structural parts of mining equipment.