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The construction of Java No.7 Coal-fired Power Generation Project was commenced on June 30, 2017. It is an efficient and environment-friendly power plant with the largest installed capacity, the highest parameter, the most state-of-art technology and the optimal indicator in Indonesia’s history of electric power development. It has set a number of world records in megawatt thermal power generating unit: the largest lignite-fired boiler, the largest generator, the largest three-phase integrated transformer, the largest medium-speed coal mill of the power station and the largest dual primary fan of the power station with matching power of 4,600kW. The Project has integrated state-of-art low-carbon and environment-friendly digitized thermal power generation and seawater desalination technologies to ensure efficient, safe, stable and continuous output of desalted water, as a result, zero exploitation of fresh groundwater for industrial use of power plant has been realized in Indonesia for the first time.

The Project Management Consulting Company of Central Southern China Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. (CSEPDI) under ENERGY CHINA provides the management service for this Project. Central Southern China Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. is a well-known and capable engineering corporation, facing domestic and foreign market, providing integrated solutions for governmental authorities, financial institutions, investors, developers and project entities, and engaged in electric power project planning, research, consultation, evaluation and survey, design, service, supervision, EPC contracting, and development of related proprietary technologies. Although this Project is facing numerous difficulties and challenges such as the global epidemic spread during its construction, however, thanks to the concerted efforts and cooperation of CSEPDI and all participants, Unit 2 of the Project successfully completed 168 hours of full-load trial operation, with all indicators excelling the design and the main environmental indexes being the optimum in Indonesia, and the Project has become the coal-fired power plant with the highest number of designed annual utilization hours in Indonesia’s power industry.