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Data, not diesel, will be driving the haulpacks, drill rigs and conveyors of the future as the mining industry braces for the next wave of digital disruption and opportunity.

A global summit, to unpack key technology trends affecting miners and explorers, is being hosted by international mining software developer MICROMINE on November 27 2020.

More than 25 speakers will feature in the three-hour online mega-event, which will be available in separate languages and timezones for audiences in Australia/Asia, Europe/Africa, North and South America, Russia and central Asia.

The event is free and attendees will be treated to a free one-month license of the latest release of the award winning modelling software, Micromine 2021, which is used on 2000 sites in more than 90 countries around the world.

Rapidly changing markets, evolving geopolitical dynamics and the COVID-19 pandemic have created unprecedented challenges for mining companies, driving a thirst for evidence-based innovation.

“Access to new and innovative data modelling and analytics is essential in helping the industry improve the safety and efficiency of its processes, reduce costs, and meet increasing social and environmental standards,” said Micromine chief executive Andrew Birch.

“Technology is crucial in the exploitation of new deposits in complex situations, such as lower ore grades, extreme weather, deeper deposits, harder rock mass, and high-stress environments, and we will be sharing some of those experiences.

“We are seeing trends like distributed cloud systems, IoT (Internet of Things), hyperautomation, VR (virtual reality) and AI (artificial intelligence) engineering, cybersecurity and generally the speed of technology advancement all nipping at the industry’s heels.”

Thousands of mining and exploration professionals from around the globe are expected to log in as MICROMINE unveils the latest versions of its three main products: Micromine 2021, Pitram 5 and Geobank 2021.

“This is the first time we have unveiled all three product releases simultaneously and the first in our plans to deliver two material software updates each year,” Birch said.

Participants will see the new features our teams have been working on over the past six months and share the digital transformation journey with exploration and mining clients from around the world who are partnering with MICROMINE to improve efficiency and profitability.

“Technology is evolving at warp speed, and the pressure is on us to ensure our users have quick access to the best tools available,” said Birch.

Technical product managers will also be hosting smaller interactive group demonstrations, while feature workshops and one-on-one sessions (by appointment) will be available for existing MICROMINE clients after the event.