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Australian Vanadium calcine products after thermal treatment. Image: Australian Vanadium.

Australian Vanadium plans to power its haulage vehicle fleets and mine site in Western Australia with sustainable energy under its new green hydrogen strategy.

The company stated that hydrogen refuelling stations could exist across the mine site and processing plant at the Australian Vanadium project.

“This is a new area of development for Australia and will need to be fully assessed for its financial implications,” Australian Vanadium stated.

“(Australian Vanadium) is keen to work with the federal and state governments and haulage companies who have a forward plan for this technology.”

The company is also planning to use hydrogen in its ore reduction process while adding it to its natural gas pipeline.

Australian Vanadium managing director Vincent Algar said green hydrogen would also assist in environmental approvals and attract finance partners with an environmental focus to the Australian Vanadium project.

“The use of green hydrogen could allow Australian Vanadium to reduce its carbon footprint and leverage both the economical and environmental benefits of this growing market,” he said.

“The green steel opportunity is one that Western Australia should particularly embrace, with the potential for many jobs to be created and a globally competitive steel industry.

“This strategy can assist with environmental approvals and in attracting finance partners with an environmental, social and corporate governance focus, for Australian Vanadium to bring the Australian Vanadium project into production.”

Green hydrogen is produced through an electric current through a renewable energy source to split water into hydrogen and oxygen.