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Picture1koneIn September 2020, Magazzini Generali Silos Frigoriferi S.p.A. (MGSF) ordered another eco-efficient Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbor Crane for their facility in Napoli (Naples), the famous port city on the southwest coast of Italy. With delivery and commissioning planned for December, the crane will help expand their project cargo activities.

MGSF was incorporated in 2001, when it started in warehousing at the Port of Naples under the Klingenberg Group, a local shipping services company. The port is well over 2,000 years old, dating back to the times of Greek colonization and the Roman Empire. Today, it is one of Italy’s biggest seaports, with terminals for cargo handling, RoRo vessels, passenger traffic, and docks for ship repairs. There are transport connections by rail and road to other parts of Italy and plenty of storage space for goods awaiting transit. MGSF has recently seen a steady rise in general and project cargo, so they need a new crane with more capacity to handle heavy and bulky goods.

“This is the second mobile harbor crane we’ve bought from Konecranes, and the most powerful in our fleet,” says Erik Klingenberg, Managing Director of MGSF. “In the Port of Naples, we handle general cargo of high value, such as finished steel coils for the car industry and other steel products. The precision and reliability of our equipment is an asset that we can offer our customers in terms of the finest quality handling.”

The new crane will be a Konecranes Gottwald Model 5 Mobile Harbor Crane in the G HMK 5506 variant, with a working radius of up to 51 m, or the 17th container row, the outreach needed for post-Panamax container ships. Its 125 t lifting capacity up to 18 m and high working speed make it ideal for heavy project lifting. It serves as the perfect complement to the Model 2 mobile harbor crane that Klingenberg Group already has on-site, which can handle smaller loads up to 80 t. The new Model 5 will have built-in readiness for an external power supply, so conversion to electric operation will be easy when resources allow. It also fulfills the criteria set out in Italy’s National Industry 4.0 Plan, a state strategy that encourages industrial innovation.

“We’re more like partners than suppliers for MGSF,” says Gino Gherri, Regional Sales Manager for Konecranes Port Solutions. “We have a strong relationship consolidated by their good experience with our products and service. We look forward to continuing our work with them in the future.”