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All-new 7-tonne and redesigned 4-tonne LHDs engineered for productivity and  longevity

With a whole new chassis, powertrain and operator cabin, Komatsu’s brand-new WX07 7-tonne LHD has been designed from the ground up to provide a standout experience and environment for underground hard rock mining operators.

Compared to competitors in its size class, the WX07 is 15 percent faster on a grade and delivers up to 10 percent more breakout force, making it up to 14 percent more productive. Engineered for small and narrow vein mines, this machine offers a combination of Z-link kinematics, a reinforced boom and efficient bucket design that enables excellent penetration into the pile for fast bucket filling. The WX07 is engineered to keep minerals loading with a 243-liter fuel tank for longer operational cycles between refuelings.

The WX07’s operator cabin is built for visibility and ergonomics, including ample headroom for ease of entry and exit. A design that makes vital maintenance components accessible from ground level means that crews can perform service and repairs without the need to climb or use a ladder to get to key areas.

In addition to the new WX07, Komatsu’s popular Joy 4LD has been redesigned, renamed the WX04 and rebranded as a Komatsu product. A 4-tonne LHD built for challenging narrow vein applications, the WX04’s 190-liter fuel tank offers 31 percent more capacity than its closest competitor, based on published data. The WX04 also offers 20 percent more breakout force than any machine in its size class.

“We’re excited to add the WX07 and WX04 to our LHD lineup, which now has a capacity that spans from 3 to 22 tons,” said Bill Maki, product manager for Komatsu’s LHDs. “No matter what class of LHD your operation needs, Komatsu offers a choice of machines to consistently haul your ore efficiently and effectively.”

The WX07 and WX04 are both available for order immediately. For more information, contact a Komatsu distributor or visit