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Caterpillar has released its new 657 wheel tractor-scraper (WTS) to deliver lower-cost earthmoving of more material per fuel unit burned.

The 657 WTS offers increased fuel efficiency of 7 per cent compared with the previous 657G WTS model.

As the largest open bowl scraper in Cat’s line, the 657 WTS has a rated load limit of 46.4 tonnes and a 21 per cent more spacious cab for improved operator comfort and productivity across mining, earthmoving and construction.

It also boasts on-the-go weighing with its payload estimator, achieving 95 per cent load accuracy so operators can reach their target load goals with ease.

In colder climates, operators can take advantage of the 657’s unique auto-stall feature to bring the transmission to operating temperature start-up, helping them get to work faster.

The two-engine design features the Cat C18 powering the tractor and the Cat C15 in the scraper, both of which meet the United States Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Tier 4 emissions standards.

Its advanced productivity electronic control system (APECS) gives the machine stronger engine power and torque, enabling operators to move more material over the course of the shift.

“This new 657 is the next generation of ultra-class material moving systems,” Caterpillar WTS application specialist John Gerhold said.

“It delivers improved productivity, safety and technology, which our customers can use to strengthen their business today and it is equipped to grow with them to meet tomorrow’s requirements.”