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The labor and management of the Pukchang Area Youth Coal Mining Complex produced in excess of a thousand tons more coal over and above their plan by January 5.

The Namdok, Hoean, Inpho, Songnam and Phunggok Youth Coal Mines increase the production of their coal in large quantities every day in excess of their plans from the beginning of 2021.

The officials and workers of the February 8 Jikdong Youth Coal Mine bring about collective innovations in their production.

The miners of the Chonsong and Ryongdae Youth Coal Mines are out to raise their coal production overtaking and outstripping each other, learning from each other and exchanging experiences with each other.

The Sunchon Coal Mining Machine Factory, the Unsan Plant for the Accessories of Coal-mining Equipment and other auxiliary units exert all their efforts to provide coal mines with equipment, materials and accessories in time so as to contribute to their coal production.