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Almost half of the mining industry’s workforce is considering a move to renewables, according to a recruitment report.

The 2021 energy outlook report by and Brunel contains a survey of 22,000 employees across the mining and oil and gas sectors.

It found that 73 per cent of those surveyed are looking to move jobs, compared with 56 per cent in the previous year.

A move to green energy was the key driver for workers who are looking to seek new roles, the survey found.

Almost half of the 37 per cent of jobseekers that listed renewables as a field they would consider moving into were from the mining industry.

The survey found that younger workers were attracted to greener sectors due to their longer-term stability.

“In particular, younger workers are attracted by the longer-term, more stable employment options on offer with renewable companies, and the fact that sectors like solar power or offshore wind are at the forefront of technological innovation makes them even more attractive,” the report stated.

“On top of this, an increasing percentage of new graduates are highly aware of, and motivated by, the threat of climate change.”

The report suggested that resources companies should provide high-quality training, career development programs and benefits to allow young people to compete with highly skilled jobseekers.

The survey also found that global mobility slowdown was a key trend.

Role location was listed as “top concern” for jobseekers in the resources industry, however only 14 per cent of the mining sector stated that they are looking to avoid excess travel.

The report stated that it “(remained) to be seen” whether the mobility slowdown was caused by the COVID-19 pandemic or a speeding up of existing trends.

A total of 58 per cent of respondents that were asked how they would respond to diseases similar to COVID-19 in the future said they would consider finding other job opportunities, employers and locations.

“This shift affects not just day-to-day travel, but also the willingness or ability of workers to permanently relocate or take short-term expat contracts due to closed borders between many states – a trend that will most keenly affect the oil & gas and mining sectors,” the report stated.