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Liebherr Mining has teamed up with ThoroughTec Simulation to provide operators with advanced training stimulators to safely enhance their skills with heavy mining equipment.

The heavy mining equipment training includes both simulation and instructor-led sessions, helping operators reach targeted production, performance and machine care levels.

Available simulations include several of Lieberr’s excavators and trucks, with further models to be developed based on customer needs.

Liebherr and ThoroughTec have expanded their partnership in this space, having inked a non-exclusive cooperation agreement to complement Liebherr’s existing partnership with Immersive Technology.

Liebherr will provide ThoroghTec with its expertise as it designs, develops and tests new Liebherr mining equipment simulators, to ensure they feature the latest capabilities.

ThoroughTec will also ensure Liebherr’s innovations are accurately replicated within its simulators, to ensure a life-like learning experience.

“This new cooperation agreement provides Liebherr’s customers with flexibility to choose the solution best suited to their needs and preferences,” Liebherr stated.

“Liebherr supports the development of new simulators by providing technical information and by testing new simulators through (its) subject matter experts.”

ThoroughTec has been designing advanced training simulators for almost 25 years, including its latest fifth generation range of Cybermine simulators.

Representing the pinnacle of realism and training efficiency, ThoroughTec and Liebherr’s collaboration will be “essential” in enhancing worker skills around this equipment.