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Cat has released its new 992 wheel loader, offering significant jumps in productivity and efficiency for mining applications.

The Cat 992 wheel loader is powered by the Cat C32B engine and offers up to a 32 per cent gain in productivity.

Cat has also designed the 992 wheel loader to have a 48 per cent greater payload-per-fuel efficiency compared with the previous Cat 992K model.

This has been achieved through its Z-bar linkage, which is tuned for performance while delivering rimpull and breakout force improvements.

The Z-bar linkage features automatic lubrication of its pins to further enhance reliability.

Cat has also amped up the payload-per-fuel efficiency through the 992’s on-demand throttle mode without affecting production.

The standard automatic retarding controls can control the loader’s speed on grade to allow for the specific hold speed required.

Arriving in both standard and high lift configurations, the 992 also features a reduced cost per tonne when compared with Cat 775, 777 and 785 trucks.

The 992’s transmission axles, final drive and new engine deliver a 20 per cent longer interval for component replacements, while the truck also provides a 10 per cent decrease in maintenance costs.

Cat’s autodig components have also been included to reduce tyre wear by preventing slippage.

A payload overload prevention system is optional , which can adjust the overload value and can be configured to stop automatically or slow the lift function if the payload is exceeded.

Cat has overhauled the cabin, which increases visibility, provides intuitive controls and allows for new technologies to boost efficiency.

It features 50 per cent more legroom and width by the knees while also increasing the windshield glass surface area by 25 per cent.

Adding to its easy maintenance, Caterpillar has included a front walkaround platform to clean cab windows in a simple manner.

The 992 also includes hydraulic systems filtration and pump prognostics to reduce machine downtime.