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Inspecting a Linatex lined piece of equipment at Ulaanbaatar service centre. Image: Weir Minerals

Weir Minerals intends to collaborate with TAFE New South Wales to initiate Australia’s first training in the application of rubber lining.

This application is an integral part of the mining industry and any errors could have major consequences.

Weir Minerals quality assurance and training officer Darryl Crawford stressed the importance of such training programs.

“Rubber lining is a highly specialised task that requires experience and proper training,” Crawford said.

“The installation of protective coating by untrained applicators can lead to very expensive failures resulting in unplanned downtime for repairs and relining, or even a catastrophic failure of the critical equipment.”

The program will be available nationwide through both in-person and online classes and assessments.

Students can achieve nationally recognised certification within two to three years, depending on their previous experience.

TAFE New South Wales’ head teacher of industrial painting and blasting Ian Squire said the specific training would relate to a Certificate III in Surface Preparation and Coating Application for rubber liners.

“Our TAFE (New South Wales) teachers are using their years of experience in the oil and gas, mining and defence industries here in Australia and overseas to work closely with Weir Minerals in contextualising our training delivery and assessments to fit their business needs,” Squire said.

“The course will provide Weir Minerals trainees with in-demand skills such as laying-up rubber lining and lag pulleys, cutting polymer materials, and preparing surfacing for coating.

“TAFE (New South Wales) is proud to work with industry leaders Weir Minerals to deliver crucial training to their rubber liners and fill the skills gaps that exist in the sector.”