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VGK, one of the ten largest coal mining companies in the Russian Federation, intends to create a ‘Green Coal Cluster’ in the Uglegorsk District of the Sakhalin Region. The concept of the project was presented by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of VGK, Oleg Misevra, in the framework of the plenary session at the Open Day of the Sakhalin Region for investors. According to preliminary calculations, the implementation of the new concept will reduce the carbon footprint by 64 000 t of conventional carbon fuel and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 176 000 tpy.

“Countering the threat of climate change is forcing humanity to unite and take drastic measures. These are not only regulations, restrictions, but also initiatives, as well as new technologies. In our case, the ‘green turn’ is not only justified, but also as organic as possible. We are actively growing and developing, and development today is the introduction of the most effective technologies, based on a lean approach and the use of alternative sources. All this, in all seriousness, allows us to talk about the prospects for the creation of the ‘Green Coal Cluster’, said Oleg Misevra, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the All-Russian Mining Company.

The Green Coal Cluster concept will include three innovative projects. One of them is already under construction: this is the longest main coal conveyor in the Russian Federation. The project combines modern technologies and advanced environmental standards. The facility under construction will reduce the load on public roads, abandon the transportation of coal by cars, which will reduce emissions of exhaust gases into the atmosphere, and deliver coal in the most environmentally friendly way recognised throughout the world. To date, the facility is working on the assembly and installation of equipment.

Another project is being implemented jointly with the manufacturer of automotive equipment – the BelAZ plant. The development of an electric dump truck with a carrying capacity of 220 t provides for the operation of a mining dump truck at the field, which uses an external source of energy from trolley lines. The use of such transport will lead to a decrease in the consumption of fossil hydrocarbons, a preservation of the climate, a decrease in harmful emissions at the place of operation of equipment and an increase in the economic effect associated with the use of electricity and an increase in the productivity of machines.

The most ambitious project within the Green Coal Cluster is the construction of a wind farm with a total capacity of 67.2 MW in the Sakhalin Region. It will be the most powerful wind farm in the Far East. The wind farm will include 16 wind turbines located in areas with high wind potential. In addition to the difficult terrain, the uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that the wind farm is being built according to the needs of the company to provide power supply to all production facilities. To date, two sites have been identified for the installation of wind turbines, where wind monitoring will be carried out until the end of 2021.