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Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik, the leading manufacturer of underground mining scalers, has launched its new generation in Peru – the PScale 8-T. The lastest generation convinces with high performance, new safety features, more comfort.

Safety, performance, sensitivity and high durability are not only wordings for PAUS – these are the design principles and values PAUS has used for the development of the new scaler generation. More than twenty years of experience in underground scaling, close exchanges with global mining corporations and partners are reflected in the new design of the PScale 8-T. The new scaler enables higher performance rates, more sensitive handling and a safer work environment.
One of the most important factors for the underground scaling process is the safety for the operators and to create a safe working environment for all miners. The scaling process is still one of the most dangerous works in underground mining and requires an extremely high safety standard. The ergonomic and large operator’s cabin outperforms international ROPS / FOPS requirements. And many safety features such as 3P safety belts, brake test button, hill start assistance and pressurized cabin are available. The cabin is equipped with safety glass window and front rock guards. The LED light concept with 35.000 lumen gives the operator an excellent visibility. A wide range of remote-control options from conventional radio remote to advanced tele-remote technologies can be easily integrated into the machine system and could be also retrofitted.

Highest performance is ensured thanks to high power output engine, 20° tiltable cabin, individual parameter adjustment of the hydraulic hammer, operation and diagnostic display which give higher reliability and quality of the scaling process. By utilizing High Performance Scaling, the PScale series allows the operator to adjust and check hammer parameters directly at the face instead of adjustments on the surface. The scaler is available with two engine variants EU Stage V / Tier 4f to perform all over the world (CE and non CE countries). Conditions like 5.000 m.a.s.l. or temperatures up to 50°C are no longer an obstacle for a high performance operation. The 20° tiltable cabin gives the operator an excellent visibility to its working tool and ensures a fast and efficient gallery protection. Small envelope size in combination with high boom reach ensures a fast operation without frequent position changes.
The scaling process is an unavoidable task to create a safe working environment after blasting. Therefore, loose rock must be completely identified and removed. Nevertheless, sensitivity in scaling is important to avoid injuries of the natural gallery protective vault because it is inefficient and can cause additional costs. The Paus PScale 8-T could be handled precisely with joystick steering to the point where the roof must be scaled. This reduces operation times and allows to open the gallery faster for the subsequent processes of the mining production cycle. Additionally, the operator is enabled to do a fast parameterization of the machine to react to changing operating conditions.
The rough and challenging conditions in underground mining impose extreme demands on the machine which lead to a strong design of cylinders with double lip sealings, a tough boom design and high performance central articulation bearings. PAUS PScale 8-T supports the operator with intelligent vehicle and service solutions to grant high durability and low life cycle costs. With the support of the PAUS Diagnostic Display, which indicates maintenance intervals or enables the operator to simplify troubleshooting, the already high durability of Paus machines can be increased even more. Paus Connect gives our customer the necessary connectivity to be always informed about positioning and productivity of the machine with appropriate data. With the generated data, efficient maintenance jobs of the service staff can be controlled exactly and necessary maintenance times can be optimized. Additionally, the data can be transferred to PAUS for error analysis and/or remote maintenance, so that necessary services can be handled in the shortest possible time.

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