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The coal industry sector of the DPRK has made achievements by waging a brisk technical innovation movement in hearty response to the idea and spirit of the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the Second Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the WPK.

More than 70 valuable technical innovation schemes have been devised and introduced so far in the Ministry of Coal Industry to help increase coal production this year.

The Tokchon Area Coal-Mining Complex has secured lots of new coal fields by introducing a new effective blasting method invented by the Jenam Coal Mine into other coal mines.

Coal miners of the complex also drew up 20 innovation plans during the first quarter of this year, including the one for enhancing the capacity of compressor and the one for saving raw materials by over 20 percent.

The Tukjang Area Coal-Mining Complex has increased the coal conveyance rate by 1.2 times by applying several new technologies.

Coal mines in other areas have made progress in the tunneling, cutting and conveyance of coal by directing efforts to resolving the urgent sci-tech problems. –