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Accessing your geological data no matter where you are, and working from a single source of truth, just got a whole lot easier.

One of the challenges facing geologists, often observed by the team behind acQuire’s mining software solutions, is the accurate field collection and transfer of geological observations and measurements to a centralised database.

Ensuring the integrity of data can be difficult, especially when transferring data between systems or tools.

Geologists may be collecting information from a range of data sources using multiple tools, but there’s unlikely to be common threads holding geological data together.

The process of connecting and mapping data from one system to another becomes time-consuming, requiring several manual steps in the process. When more manual intervention is required, the likelihood of unintentional errors being introduced into datasets increases.

The problem is compounded by the still popular practice of manually logging geology and sample data on paper, a practice which is prone to human error.

By not complying with business rules when the data is logged, regardless of when and where the logging occurs, the integrity of the data may be questionable.

With acQuire’s upcoming software release, GIM Suite 5, these historical field geology data management problems are alleviated, giving geologists and miners a single source of truth everyone in the organisation can trust.

This is true from the point of capture and throughout the life of a mine. Everyone who relies on geological data to do their job or make decisions benefits from having confidence in the data.

Field workers and geologists collecting samples and observations are able to seamlessly manage their entire field data collection workflow across web and mobile with a raft of brand-new, purpose-built interactive features added to GIM Suite.

They’re the culmination of years of design and planning, which help make GIM Suite a leading geological data management software.

25 years of investment into GIM

The new features are introduced as acQuire celebrates their 25th year in business. Their quarter-century commitment to geoscientific information management (GIM) has made it possible to offer miners a glimpse into the future of geological data management. Drillhole logging and sampling are approached with a mobile interface designed to work equally well for exploration and production.

  • Single data interface for all drilling methods – Geology teams no longer need multiple tools for logging and sampling RC, RAB, air core or diamond drillholes.
  • Improved logging consistency with interactive, graphical drillhole logging – GIM Suite 5’s graphical logging interface lets geologists visually inspect and dynamically adjust intervals using a touch-friendly screen. Logging consistency is improved with cross-referencing of downhole datasets.
  • Built-in rules for improved data quality – Common rules can be configured and applied across logging and sampling interfaces. Database managers can consistently apply and enforce the rules across all data capture tasks.
  • Flexibility to work in any environment – Field workers can capture drillhole data in any environment, whether they’re working online or offline. If they’re in a remote environment, they can continue to capture drillhole data using the acQuire Arena mobile app.

These new features are designed to help teams working against the pressure of time, by accurately collecting data and synchronising it across the digital environment.

GIM Suite 5 smoothly integrates all steps from mobile data capture in the field to creating sample despatch reports on the web.

The future of geological data management is here

According to acQuire product director Steve Mundell, acQuire’s continual focus on evolving GIM Suite brings the future of geological data management to today’s mining workplace.

“GIM Suite 5 removes reliance on non-integrated software tools and siloed data so the value of geological information can be extended across the mining value chain,” Mundell said.

“You can now rely on one seamlessly integrated solution across web, desktop and mobile devices. It doesn’t matter if you’re working in remote areas with no internet connection when collecting data.

“This release puts our customers, the largest miners in the world, another step further into the future of geological data management.

“Our roadmap for GIM Suite is to continue providing more capability across the web and mobile. We’re excited to lead the way for how mining companies manage their geological data, whenever and wherever they need it.”

Other key features of the new GIM Suite 5 release include:

  • Clever web-based data imports from third-party solutions
  • Rapid drag-and-drop construction of complex data queries and data views
  • Improved data quality with centralised and consistent data definitions.

In practice, GIM Suite 5 allows geologists and miners to dispense with multiple tools and rely on GIM Suite to create a trusted, single source of truth used throughout the organisation.

The result is a fast, efficient and accurate way to manage geological data for a range of drilling and surface sampling scenarios.

GIM Suite 5 is scheduled for release in July 2021.