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Epiroc has launched a new Collision Avoidance System (CAS) interface which helps to detect objects in the immediate area of machine operators.

Coupled with a proximity detection system (PDS), the CAS will initiate slowing and stopping actions if it deems collision risk levels too high.

Epiroc’s Global product manager for Minetruck Daniel Sandström said the CAS represented top-of-the-line technology.

“With safety first and always in mind, I am proud to see the release of the Collision Avoidance System interface. This improves safety underground in a ground-breaking way,” he said

The CAS interface will complement and work in tandem with similar technologies, such as Epiroc’s Rig Control System (RCS) – the fifth edition of which was released in March 2021 to provide the next step for the automated mining industry.

The CAS technology has been designed so the benefits warrant a lengthier installation time per operation.

Epiroc’s integration manager Kumeshan Naidu said the first customers have already begun to realise the effectiveness of the technology, despite the longer installation process.

“The Epiroc RCS Collision Avoidance interface performed as designed, demonstrating high consistency in the cases where the Proximity Detection Systems (PDS) provided reliable input signals,” Naidu said.

“The CAS initiative is not a ‘Plug-and-Play’ solution and must be tailored, with the participation of all parties to suit a particular site. Change management and risk mitigation strategies on these sites are key when implementing the system.”

The CAS interface has become available for the entire Epiroc RCS Loader fleet, as well as the brand’s Minetruck MT42, with further vehicles added to the list soon.