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Image: ABB

ABB has launched its ABB Ability condition monitoring digital service for conveyor belts to track machine health data in real time.

The digital service can enable mine operators to track conveyor speed, misalignment, damage, thickness and wear, slippage and the temperature of conveyor belts.

By doing this in real time, maintenance can be anticipated to avoid unplanned downtime and improve the reliability and lifespan of conveyor belts.

The company has designed ABB Ability to transform preventative maintenance to predictive maintenance to prevent costly machine failures.

ABB has recognised that belt damage can hamper production time loss in mines and processing plants, with the new service offering a step up from in-person inspections which traditionally do not allow for real time monitoring.

ABB Ability allows for continuous real-time monitoring of belt health and can signal alarms and warnings if there is a belt issue.

It uses sensors installed in the conveyor belt equipment and is designed to handle harsh mining environments while remaining operational.

“Real time monitoring of the actual belt performance prompts the necessary corrective actions ahead of failure or further and more costly damage,” ABB global material handling service product manager Eduardo Botelho said.

“With equipment condition continuously assessed, operators can plan necessary maintenance only when certain indicators give the signal that the equipment is deteriorating, and the probability of failure is increasing.

“It will consistently catch misalignment or speed issues online, long before failure, and pre-empt issues such as falling material, energy waste, excessive belt wear, rupture or fire.”

The real time alerts can be sent via the ABB Ability condition monitoring dashboard, SMS text messages and email.

ABB have designed the solution to work as a stand-alone option or to be integrated into a control system due to its ability to adapt with existing maintenance tools.