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Electric, Smart, Powerful: Konecranes Gottwald Generation 6 Mobile Harbor Cranes are built on this genetic code. They combine technology proven a thousand times over with innovation, and offer not only high performance and eco-efficiency but a high level of intelligence, too.

With its new Generation 6 Mobile Harbor Cranes, Konecranes has transformed industrial megatrends and current port developments in ports and terminals into high-performance cargo-handling technology. The initial six crane models with maximum lifting capacities of 200 t and radii up to 64 m stand for sustainability, de-carbonization and eco-efficiency, in addition to ergonomics, digitalization and automation. They provide terminal operators with mobile cargo handling machines that not only reduce the ecological footprint, but also impress with robust design and distinct dynamics, as well as particularly smart equipment. To meet all requirements for handling performance, productivity, safety and serviceability, Konecranes has been in close communication with customers around the world throughout the development of Generation 6.

Premium legacy, combined with innovative strength
Konecranes’ more than 60 years of experience as the inventor and premium manufacturer of mobile harbor cranes, plus its R&D strength as a global player, are evident in Generation 6. Heribert Barlage, Senior Vice President Business Unit Mobile Harbor Cranes, said: “Generation 6 combines pioneering spirit with the innovative power of the technology leader Konecranes. Our mobile harbor cranes have always stood for performance and dynamics, and they have always been electric. We have once again enhanced these features for Generation 6, while at the same time providing a high level of intelligence. The result is a total package with which we make our customers well prepared to meet today’s requirements and at the same time provide them with the code for the challenges of tomorrow, ESP.”

E for Electric: The gene for sustainability
E for Electric denotes the electric drive systems of Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbor Cranes, in use since 1956. Generation 6 is designed so that customers can choose from several electric drive variants. Power can be supplied via the on-shore power grid or an on-board generator. If a crane always works on the same quay where shore power is available, customers can rely on using the appropriate equipment from the outset. If cranes need to be disconnected from the grid for journeys between quays with shore power supply, a battery pack ensures mobility – a first for Konecranes. For quays both with and without access to power from the on-shore grid, the combination of shore power equipment and diesel-generator set is the solution. For quays without power supply, the latest hybrid drives are available.

S for Smart: The gene for sustainability
S for Smart stands for the added smart features that Konecranes has given its Generation 6 cranes. The interpretation of Smart has been particularly versatile here, for example ergonomics: This is where the new cranes impress with a state-of-the art cab, from which the crane operator has everything perfectly under control. This is due not least to the completely revised Visumatic® crane management system, which also controls all smart crane features, supporting the crane operator with even more productive and safe handling options. Based on smart crane features, Konecranes is also gradually paving the way for further crane automation. Additional focus has been placed on transparent crane operation, too. This is achieved via the YourKonecranes customer portal with cloud-based connectivity solution Truconnect®, which gives terminal operators access to a wealth of process and operating data as well as maintenance and service information.

P for powerful: The gene for reliable dynamics
P for Powerful is the cross-generational original gene of all Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbor Cranes. P means: Dynamics and maximum performance in continuous-duty operation – serving all types of vessels in all terminals and in all applications. Eco-efficient with its type of drive and smart with its crane operator assistance systems, Generation 6 cranes are also improved in their core characteristic: More robust steelwork doubles the service life in container operation, up to 30% more powerful 4-rope grab curves ensure optimum operation of vessel hatches and up to 18% higher working speeds ensure fast vessel turnaround.

Generation 6 comes with a powerful range
Generation 6 is being launched with six high-performance models. This comprehensively diversified range of cranes starts with the ESP.6 model and extends to the ESP.9 high-performance crane; customers can choose between 2-rope and 4-rope grab crane versions with numerous options; all cranes offer a homogeneous product face. With lifting capacities up to 200 t, radii up to 64 m and 63 t grab load curves, the range of performance is extensive – as are the possible applications. Heribert Barlage concludes: “Generation 6 covers our complete crane modular system, including portal harbor cranes and cranes on barge. This means that the new cranes fit into any infrastructure, which makes the ESP code successful and future-proof not only on the quay, but also beyond the quayside”.