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A correctly sized hydraulic rockbreaker and suitably positioned boom system is a well-recognised, safe and reliable solution which can maximise the productivity of any crushing circuit.

Pedestal mounted hydraulic boom systems are typically installed above crusher inlets or ROM (run of mine) hoppers and grizzly screens to minimise downtime and avoid damage caused by oversize product blocking chutes or crusher inlets.

“The starting point for any new boom is two-fold,” Total Rockbreaking Solutions engineering manager Paul Ingleson said.

“Firstly, the correct hydraulic rockbreaker for the rockbreaking duty and application needs to be selected and then, secondly the necessary reach for the boom system must be determined by selecting the best, or most practical, location to mount the rockbreaker boom system base and then assessing the horizontal and vertical reach requirements from that mounting location,” he said.

“The correct hydraulic rockbreaker requires the consideration of the size and hardness of the rocks that will be broken, and also the number of oversize rocks to be broken per hour.”

Ingleson said that this is what is known as the ‘rockbreaking duty’.

“You might think that as the rock hardness increases, the rockbreaker needs to get larger,” he said.

“But that is not necessarily the case.

“If you only expect an oversize rock every three or four hours, it might not be absolutely necessary to install the largest rockbreaker available, as there are other practical considerations that should be taken into account.”

These considerations include such things as if there are any physical limitations to get the rockbreaker to the rock – such as the size of the chute, and also the capacity of the existing support structure and the size of boom it can support without major modifications.

The loads imposed on structures with a long reach boom and a heavy rockbreaker can be significant and must be taken into consideration.

Rammer is a leading boom supplier and hydraulic rock breaker manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience in supplying hydraulic boom systems for the mining industry and quarries world-wide to maintain optimum crusher throughput and extend the life of the crusher.

With a range of 28 models from 1 tonne up to 18 tonne heavy duty models, with reaches from 1 metre up to 17 metres there is a boom to suit all types of mining and quarrying applications – from smaller stationary crushing plants and mobile crushers to gyratory crushers and ROM bins.

All models enable the hydraulic rock breaker to be optimally positioned and applied, allowing blockages or oversize rock to be broken and cleared quickly and efficiently.

Hydraulic power units are also available to suit the required pressure and flow for any boom and rockbreaker combination.

With authorised distributors that have been delivering high-quality, industry-leading service, support and product knowledge to the mining industry in every state, territory and also in PNG (Papua New Guinea), Rammer offers factory-approved maintenance and warranty services to keep rockbreakers doing what they do best – turning big rocks into little rocks.