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The Multiflo Mudflo has been designed to conquer large particles in tough slurry conditions.

Weir Minerals has released a hydraulic submersible slurry pump for abrasive applications and large particle handling – the Multiflo Mudflo.

The pump was specifically designed to operate efficiently while relocating tailings ponds, maintaining dams and managing slimes and sludge ponds.

Weir Minerals APAC director of dewatering Cameron Murphy said the pump uses Weir’s Warman MGS pump-end, Multiflo cutters and ESCO excavation teeth to outlast its competition.

“The Multiflo brand is synonymous with high quality and long-lasting equipment,” he said.

“In designing the Mudflo pump, our dewatering experts drew from the very best Multiflo, Warman and ESCO technology and used advanced hydraulics to create an innovative and cost-effective new solution for mine dredging applications.”

The Multiflo can pump up to 1200 cubic metres per hour thanks to the Warman pump design, perfected over decades of experience.

Weir Minerals dewatering specialist Geoff Way said the concept was borne out of a customer’s request for a more applicable pump solution.

“It is not uncommon for sites to use a combination of pumps, shovels, excavators and trucks for dredging applications,” Way said.

“When one of our long-time partners in Indonesia contacted us about developing a custom solution for the slurry build-up in their sumps, we knew we could provide a better solution.

“We’re problem solvers. We considered our customer’s pain points and engineered a new solution to efficiently and safely manage their site processes.”

The Multiflo Mudflo can be easily retrofitted to competitor OEM equipment, allowing anyone with a need for slurry pumping in abrasive applications with the ability to do so.

The pump will be available from July 2021.