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Danakali has presented favourable results from six months of detailed testwork conducted with industry experts Saskatchewan Research Council, Global Potash Solutions, DRA Global and CasCan.

The testwork involves the Colluli project’s process design using filtered seawater.

Danakali also worked closely with its offtake partner EuroChem to ensure that high-quality sulphate of potash grades were produced in line with international standards.

Testwork has proven that the Colluli project, in Eritrea, can produce ore at a consistent high grade of 51% potassium oxide from 472 000 t/y of production.

The project will be a world-first using filtered seawater, column flotation and co-processing of carnalite and sylvinite ore, which significantly reduces project development, and operational, finance and market risk.

Danakali aims to start production next year.