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Komatsu mining

Image: Komatsu

Komatsu has launched the WA900-8R mining loader that features SmartLoader Logic technology to reduce fuel consumption by 10 per cent compared to the previous generation.

The loader is an upgrade of the previous WA900-3E0 mining loader and is powered by the Komatsu SAA12V140E-7 engine rated at 671 kilowatts.

Komatsu’s SmartLoader Logic technology improves the excavator’s fuel economy by delivering the specific amount of torque required for each part of its duty cycle.

It also features a modulation clutch that can control speed and torque.

“These features, combined with automatic dig and a semi-automatic approach and dump system, means the WA900-8R can significantly improve an average operator’s efficiency,”  Komatsu’s national product manager Mark Summerville said.

“This system (SmartLoader Logic) functions automatically and doesn’t interfere with operation, saving fuel without decreasing production.”

SmartLoader Logic automatically selects the correct gear speed by determining travel and engine speeds.

It uses an electronically controlled modulation (ECM) valve to adjust the loader’s automatic transmission.

“This ECM valve system also engages the clutch smoothly to prevent lags and shocks when shifting, for more efficient machine operation and a more comfortable ride,” Summerville said.

The WA900-8R has also been designed with a large capacity torque converter for better efficiency.

“This ensures greater productivity in ‘V-shape’ loading applications because the torque converter’s increased tractive effort means it doesn’t require full throttle,” Summerville said.

“It also allows the loader to achieve higher gear ranges and maintain higher travel speeds when working in load-and-carry applications.”

Komatsu has also improved cycle times by giving the excavator faster boom raise speeds and has designed the loader’s hydraulics with closed-centre load-sensing system (CLSS) technology to enhance its fuel economy.

“This uses a variable displacement piston pump combined with CLSS to deliver hydraulic flow exactly when the task requires it, preventing wasted hydraulic flow, which further contributes to better fuel economy,” Summerville said.

The operator environment of the WA900-8R  is improved by the addition of a trainer seat, shockless stop cylinders, climate control air-conditioning and modulated clutch.

“Our new automatic digging system actuates the bucket tilt and lifting operations by detecting the sensing pressure applied to the work equipment,” Summerville said.

It also features Komatsu’s Komvision obstacle detection system, which uses radar and 360-degree cameras to detect personnel and vehicles while avoiding collisions.