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Sykes Pumps, the pump hire specialist, has added the Super Wispaset 150 Eco to its range of diesel pumps, providing a credible performance, environmentally-friendly model that meets European Tier 5 emissions requirements for non-road engines.

Ideal for customers who want to reduce their carbon footprint while retaining performance and quiet operation, the Super Wispaset 150 Eco from Sykes Pumps is a 6” diesel pump with a noise level of just 65 dBA at seven metres. Tier 5 classification means the new model meets more stringent environmental compliance obligations, including greater control over the ultra-fine, sub-micron soot generated during combustion processes.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, such as clean and dirty water transfer, over-pumping, emergency sewer repairs, utilities, civil engineering, quarrying and wastewater (including sludge, light slurry and site dewatering), the Super Wispaset 150 Eco provides flow rates of up to 78 litres per second up to a maximum head of 27m and with solid particles of up to 52mm.

The new pump is based on the popular Super Wispaset 150 within Sykes Pumps’ wide ranging diesel pump range, but incorporates a smaller and more economical engine that provides fuel savings and lower emissions, with only a marginally lower pumping output. It is the ideal choice for companies that are focused on delivering carbon reduction targets across their operations and for environmentally sensitive locations.

Specifically designed for deployment in noise-sensitive environments and perfect for use near residential areas, the units are housed within a robust acoustic canopy, featuring a reinforced, bunded partition to eliminate the potential for hazardous oil spillages. The units are also compatible with Sykes’ telemetry system, enabling fault monitoring and automated controls.

Chris Graham, Sales Director at Sykes Pumps, explained: “We are constantly investing in our fleet to respond to customers’ operational, commercial and strategic goals and it is clear that our customers are increasingly prioritising environmental best practice alongside performance, service and cost-effectiveness. That’s why, with the Super Wisapset 150 Eco, we have added a pump to the range that minimises both noise and engine emissions, while offering the high performance and fuel efficiency customers expect from Sykes Pumps.

“With future emission targets set to become even stricter, we are committed to proactively exploring all technologies, enabling us to remain at the forefront of innovation, offering our customers greater choice and helping them stay ahead of compliance requirements.”