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ABEL continues to strengthen its global presence in the mining sector. The latest additions to this market are orders for two HMQ pumps (Hydraulic Quadruplex Diaphragm Pump) received the Northern German pump manufacturer from Peru and Macedonia.

One HMQ pump will be used to transport tailings in a mine in Peru at 4600 masl, which is a big challenge that ABEL will overcome. Our customer is planning on increasing production to achieve the market requirements and they have trusted on ABEL HMQ reliability for that purpose on the tailing management facility.

Our customer in Macedonia has decided to make a big step forward on the tailings management by constructing a new Paste Plant on site that will serve to avoid the usage of the tailing dam. With this process on duty (>75% solid content), natural environment is strictly respected and safe. ABEL HMQ will serve as a key partner of the paste plant to backfill the underground stopes while the mine keeps advancing at a faster pace.

These two orders specially reinforce ABEL image on the tailing management: thickened tailings transport, backfilling, and dry stacking.

The robust design, ease of operation, high availability and low maintenance, and proven track record of more than 110 installations worldwide for various combinations of highly concentrated ash slurry (fly ash + bottom ash, salt water) make ABEL reciprocating diaphragm pumps the preferred choice for pumping abrasive slurry in various industries.