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Globalisation, demographic change and climate issues – these megatrends are having a major impact on industry. Tomorrow’s manufacturing must also be more strongly converted to energy efficiency and sustainability.

HARTING is providing the connectivity to master these challenges – connectivity for future technologies.

In the field of automation, the three trends of digital twin, connectivity and modularity will drive further development significantly. Machines and systems will become more autonomous – and will increasingly be making more independent decisions in future.

Small Ethernet infrastructures key for the networked industry

For many years, HARTING has been seting milestones for future-proof connectors that meet these rising requirements, particularly with regard to their stability in challenging environments.

HARTING turned the RJ45 into the RJ Industrial, created modular M12 interfaces with X-coding and PushPull locking, and set the next major milestone in Industrial Ethernet with the miniaturized ix Industrial interface – which is 70 per cent smaller than an RJ45, yet significantly more robust. ix Industrial is one of the most important components in the HARTING solution portfolio for its All for Ethernet segment.

A compact and powerful Ethernet infrastructure is the key to the networked industry of tomorrow.

Existing systems can be easily upgradable

The Han 300 A module is precisely one such modularisation driver, which HARTING has launched this year.

It is reverse compatible with the proven 200 A module and can therefore also be plugged onto this module (whereby the lower rated power is then available).

As a result, existing systems can be easily upgraded. The new module is designed in such a way that both direct connections to a busbar and installations in slide-in systems are readily possible.

The market requirement for the module to be touch-proof on both the socket and pin sides is also met.

Han 1A: Miniaturised rectangular connector ideal for networking

The Ethernet networks sensors, machines, controllers, computers and data centres. HARTING is now offering interfaces tailored to these applications as part of the miniaturized Han 1A industrial connector series.

The Han 1A features two new inserts for fast and secure data transmission. This can be used to supply end devices with up to 100 megabit per second Cat. 5 Fast Ethernet for Profinet-based communication; a 10 gigabit per second, Cat. 6A version for High-Speed Ethernet is also available. The latter is used for live camera system applications.