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Dyno Nobel’s CyberDet I and BlastWeb delivers potential to eliminate human presence in hazardous underground mining environments.

Mining is a journey of adapting available tools to the changes in orebodies, rock conditions and operational requirements. It is, therefore, imperative that methods and technologies constantly improve to keep up with these challenges.

Over the years, underground mining has been faced with deeper operations and lower grades.

This led to increases in safety requirements, higher rock stresses and increased operational cost.

In these circumstances, it is not surprising that a lot of mines are investigating opportunities to optimise their practices to stay ahead of the curve.

As a result of this demand for improvement, new blasting technologies with a focus on safety and efficiency have evolved and helped reduce operational risk while increasing production rates.

In its pursuit to improve mining outcomes for its customers, Dyno Nobel developed the CyberDet I “wireless-through-the-ground” initiation solution. The first ever underground wireless detonator blast in Western Australia was recently conducted at Westgold’s Big Bell mine, where 34 CyberDet I detonators were fired to produce outstanding results.

CyberDet I is taking digitalisation to the next level with future remote autonomous charging and blasting in mind. CyberDet I is a wireless initiation system that communicates through the rock strata without the use of a physical downline (harness line in the hole) or external connecting wires (lead line).

The communication is carried out using Through the Earth (TTE) signalling where encoded magnetic transmissions propagate through the rock at ultra-low frequencies.

CyberDet I allows operators to work in a safer environment during the loading process keeping them away from open brows.

The technology also facilitates operational efficiencies, allowing a shorter blast cycle, providing the potential to increase the number of tonnes mined.

This evolving technology opens new perspectives for underground mining operations. In this, CyberDet I is changing the conventional mining methods and sparking the development of several new mining techniques which would not be possible without wireless blasting technology.

For example, it is now conceivable to pre-charge a full stope and fire each ring as required. There is no need to re-enter to connect downlines, which reduces personnel exposure to the brow.

The absence of physical connections also eliminates misfires related to damaged wires.

Blasts can be fired regardless of any blasthole dislocations, and the elimination of redrills improves the mining cycle and increases overall efficiency.

But probably one of the most efficient and useful features of CyberDet I is its integration with the BlastWebplatform, affording blasting from surface and providing an additional layer of safety and productivity to the blasting practices.

In combination with DriftShot Starters, DigiShot Plus.4G, EZShot and CyberDet I, BlastWeb is a powerful centralised electronic blasting system. It has a shallow learning curve, supporting blast crew acceptance.

With limited user interaction required and a simple to use method, the BlastWeb 4G is the best solution to improve safety, enhance efficiency, combat downtime and gain flexibility in underground blasting operations.

With the potential to eliminate human presence in hazardous underground environments, BlastWeb and CyberDet I are designed to facilitate fully autonomous blasting in the future.

Another Practical Innovation from Dyno Nobel, ready and available today.