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Researchers at the Colorado School of Mines have partnered with Minalyze to build a laboratory for non-destructive compositional analysis of drill core samples.

The lab and equipment will initially analyse elemental enrichment and depletion patterns and the interactions between ores which lead to their formation.

Director of the Center for Advanced Subsurface Earth Resource Models (CASERM) at the School of Mines, Thomas Monecke, said the testing would have significant impacts on the world’s understanding of mineral formation.

“This new laboratory establishes Mines as a global leader in this emerging field with important applications in the development of Earth resources such as the critical minerals needed in the manufacturing of clean energy technologies,” Monecke said.

“The establishment of the new research facility will help our research team to advance solutions for the mining sector and contribute to our fundamental understanding of the geological processes resulting in the concentration of metals in the Earth’s crust.”

The CASERM is a collaborative research venture between the Colorado School of Mines and Virginia Tech which looks to develop the mining industry’s understanding of geoscience data.

Minalyze chief executive officer Annelie Lundström said it was an promising collaboration to become a part of.

“We are excited to collaborate with the CASERM research team and look forward to helping build a strong future in Earth resource research at Mines and Virginia Tech,” Lundström said.

Minalyze is a Swedish manufacturer of mineral analysis instrumentation – its flagship product being the Minalyzer CS.

The one tonne Minalyzer CS can take high-resolution images of core samples at 10 pixels per millimetre and continuous XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) scanning.