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Image: Sandvik

Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions has unveiled the latest in mine optimisation, integrating Newtrax into the most recent OptiMine update for a comprehensive solution in digital processing.

After acquiring Canada-based Newtrax in 2019, Sandvik has reached the point where the old and the new could combine.

Now, Sandvik’s existing suite of process optimisation tools, called OptiMine, has been fully integrated with the advanced capabilities of Newtrax.

Sandvik stated that the former is often considered the ‘brain’, while the latter acts as the ‘nervous system’ in mine process optimisation.

Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions automation vice president David Hallett said this development would put much more power into the customer’s hands.

“We’re thrilled to bring together the best of both worlds combining the Sandvik and Newtrax offerings as a single OptiMine package that empowers our customers to boost efficiency and safety,” Hallett said.

OptiMine’s key capabilities include operations management to improve worker safety and fleet monitoring, collision avoidance and 3D mine visualisation, including onboard navigation and heat map diagnostics.

Newtrax chief executive officer Alexandre Cervinka said both sets of technology enable the other to maximise their functionality.

“Our commitment to providing underground hard rock mining customers with the world’s leading digitalisation solution is reinforced by this offering integration to make the technology easily accessible and deployable,” Cervinka said.

OptiMine can connect to any system and technology including Newtrax devices for real-time viewing of operations.

Different products in the OptiMine suite include Analytics, Scheduler, Task Management, Mine Visualiser, Location Tracking, and Drill Plan Visualiser.

The system is adaptable to any network or brand of equipment, allowing more flexibility for Sandvik customers.