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The MacLean 900 Series scissor bolter design turned thirty years old in 2021 and the manufacturer recently shipped out production unit
#500 to a longstanding customer – Agnico Eagle’s Goldex mine in Val d’Or, Quebec. A ceremony will be held underground at the mine later this month, to mark the milestone.
The first commercialized 900 Series unit was introduced in the early 1990s in Ontario. Three decades later, the safety, versatility, productivity, and quality of installation that this mining vehicle provides has helped change the way ground support installation is done in hard rock mines across Canada.

“This manufacturing milestone, representing the collective efforts of so many people at the company over the years, is something that I’m proud to celebrate and deeply grateful for,” notes MacLean President, Kevin MacLean. “It also underscores the importance of longstanding customer relationships, so it’s fitting that the 500th unit is going to Agnico Eagle in the Abitibi, where the MacLean mining story started and where the company’s future will be written in support of Agnico Eagle operations in Quebec, Nunavut, and Mexico.”

“At Agnico Eagle, we are very pleased to be a part of Maclean’s success and celebrate with them this important milestone. We have had a long-lasting business relationship with Maclean and, throughout our operations, our people greatly appreciate the products and support they provide.

We hope to continue building on this relationship in the future,” adds Dominic Caron – Agnico Eagle Strategic procurement superintendent.

“Relentless, customer-focused product development is how we built a sustainable business over the years,” adds Don MacLean, founder of MacLean Engineering in 1973 and active as Chairman of the company to this day. “Of course, without customers to innovate for, none of what achieved would have been possible, so I want to personally thank Agnico Eagle for believing in our products and our people as we grew alongside them over the decades. The respect is definitely mutual.”


Stay tuned in the coming months for information releases about the next generation of MacLean bolter, which will include leading-edge robotics and remote control.

If you want to talk paradigm change, this is it,” states Steve Denomme, Product Line Manager for Bolting. “The next thirty years of influence could be even greater that than the first thirty, so I’m honoured to be part of the MacLean team working in close engagement with our customer base, to transform bolting ideas into working solutions for the mines of the 21st century. We’re using advanced vehicle technologies to their greatest benefit in the underground environment, always in the name of safety and productivity.”