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Sandvik has revealed its TH550B 50-tonne battery-electric truck at MINExpo 2021, utilising the innovative technology of its Artisan battery pack and electric driveline.

With third-generation battery electric vehicle (BEV) technology, the Sandvik TH550B is based on the philosophy of rethinking the equipment rather than the mine.

The truck is simple to implement in any underground hard rock operation where a 50-tonne truck is required – all that is needed is a battery bay with an electric connection.

Sandvik’s BEV pit stop takes only a few minutes to charge, with the Sandvik TH550B capable of disconnecting a depleted battery, tramming to pick up a new one, then automatically connecting the new power source.

The truck operator controls this function from within the equipment cabin, without needing to depart the vehicle.

Sandivk’s TH550B can also recharge its battery through regenerative braking while tramming downhill.

Infrastructure requirements for the TH550B are minimal with no need for overhead cranes or other heavy handling equipment.

The Sandvik TH550B allows high acceleration and fast ramp speeds for shorter cycle times, delivering 540 kilowatts of continuous power and 6400 Newton metres (Nm) of continuous torque output.

Compatible with Sandvik’s patented self-swapping system, including its AutoSwap and AutoConnect functions, the TH550B is designed for improved equipment availability and safety.

The truck utilises cutting-edge battery technology based on a lithium-iron phosphate chemistry to further optimise safety and reliability.

Sandvik’s TH550B truck builds on its predecessor, the Artisan Z50.

Sandvik is also showcasing its battery-electric loader, the Sandvik LH518B, at MINExpo 2021, as well as several new rock tools, including its new Tundo RH650 DTH hammer which reduces fuel consumption.

Sandvik is also virtually introducing its Toro LH514BE cable-lectric loader at the conference, alongside its Remote Monitoring Service.