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Rayven, the combined artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) platform, has announced the launch of I4 Mining: a new suite of completely interoperable digital mining solutions designed to accelerate the mining sector’s transition to a profitable zero-harm, zero-carbon, zero-waste future.

The I4 Mining suite of digital mining solutions is designed to help miners quickly adopt Industry 4.0 technology and begin transforming into commodity businesses, whilst delivering measurable results and ensuring profitability in the present.

“We are truly excited to be able to provide the mining sector with a new suite of solutions that will enable businesses to modernise to support energy transition, achieve their own carbon neutrality commitments, and protect short-to-medium-term profitability,” Rayven chief executive officer Jared Oken said of the launch.

Rayven chief sales officer and I4 Mining lead Phillip McBride said the solutions will assist the mining sector in its decarbonisation pursuit.

“The mining industry is already undergoing a significant paradigm shift and it has a very clear future: one that supports energy transition whilst delivering on zero-harm, zero-carbon and zero-waste strategic goals,” he said.

“I4 Mining’s new suite of solutions combine the Industry 4.0 technologies needed to achieve this transformation both fast and profitably, including prebuilt AI and adaptive analytics functionality, giving miners the specialist platform that they need to effectively transition their operations whilst maintaining short-term success.

“The solutions can be deployed in weeks, are completely interoperable, and are commercially viable at scale – de-risking transformation projects and enabling miners to prove the efficacy of Industry 4.0 technologies and deliver tangible results, fast.”

I4 Mining’s solutions are:

  • Health + Safety: connect workforce, plant and technologies, utilising historical and real-time data to prevent and predict workforce harm across operations.
  • Environment + Community: a complete environmental monitoring, management and compliance solution that enables miners to monitor operations in real-time and use AI to predict, prevent and quickly remediate breaches.
  • Asset Monitor + Maintenance: a real-time asset monitoring, utilisation optimisation and predictive maintenance solution all-in-one.
  • Yield + Production: monitor and analyse all of the variables that go into material extraction, screening and processing to uncover improvements and then seize them to increase yields and efficiency.
  • Energy + Resource: optimise the usage of the inputs that go into mining operations and reduce waste to improve profitability and utilisation.
  • Oversight: improves real-time strategic decision-making and speed of execution by providing up-to-date, accurate data from all of an organisation’s sources into an easy-to-use predictive analytics and operational control engine.
  • Create + Disrupt: bespoke solution development.

I4 Mining’s digital mining solutions are purpose-built for the sector’s unique needs. Each contains pre-built functionality for multiple use cases, including advanced AI and adaptive real-time analytics, and is fully interoperable with existing technologies.

Fast-to-deploy, easy-to-use (codeless), and commercially viable at-scale, an I4 solution enables businesses to spend the time and expense that usually goes into planning and development hyper-customising and optimising the platform in the field – reducing risk and delivering measurable results in weeks.