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China’s coal supply has given indications of picking up with daily production reaching a new high this year following government measures to boost output amid power shortages, according to the National Development and Reform Commission, the country’s top economic regulator. Average daily coal production surpassed 11.5 million tonnes recently, up by over 1.2 million tonnes from that in mid-September.Coal mines in the Shanxi province, the Shaanxi province and the Inner Mongolia autonomous region reached an average daily production of about 8.6 million tonnes, a new high for this year, NDRC said.

It said coal production will continue to rise and demand for coal used to produce electricity and heat will be effectively guaranteed, according to state-controlled media reports.

NDRC secretary general Zhao Chenxin told a recent news conference that energy supplies can be guaranteed this coming winter and spring. While ensuring energy supplies, the government will also make sure that China’s goals to peak carbon emissions by 2030 and reach carbon neutrality by 2060 will be achieved, he said.

One hundred and fifty three coal mines were allowed to boost production capacity by 220 million tonnes per year since September, among which some have started raising output, with estimated newly increased production reaching over 50 million tonnes in the fourth quarter, said the NDRC.

The government also selected 38 coal mines for urgent use to ensure supplies, and allowed them to increase production capacity periodically. Total annual production capacity of the 38 coal mines will reach 100 million tonnes.

In addition, the government has allowed land use for more than 60 coal mines, which could help guarantee an annual production capacity of more than 150 million tonnes. It also actively promotes production resumption among coal mines that underwent temporary shutdowns.